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The purpose of By Assessoria em Propriedade Intelectual is that of providing high quality differentiated technical and legal services related solely to the area of Intellectual Property in Brazil and abroad.

By is made up of high qualified professionals with solid expertise in all areas of Intellectual Property, both administrative and legal, which allows it to operate efficiently when dealing with Sector Managements of the NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY INSTITUTE (INPI), as well as with the various spheres of the legal system, in order to obtain and protect rights related to intangible assets resulting from all kinds of productive activities.


Professional Background
• Participation in various specialization courses in this area, especially that offered by PNUD (United Nations Program for Development) and by OMPI (World Intellectual Property Organization).
• Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Gama Filho University in 1979
• More than two decades of experience in the Industrial Property area
• Industrial Property Agent l

David N. P. Lucena

Geographical Indication - The delimitation of space

The Industrial Property Law (Law no. 9279, dated 14/05/96) allows for the protection as geographic indication of the region or location that have become known as production or extraction centers of a determined product or the rendering of a certain service, as well as protecting both the indication of source or denomination of origin that designates the product or service, whose qualities or characteristics are exclusively or essentially due to the geographic environment, including natural and human factors.

Patent - Protection of the inventor

The research and development of new products and methodologies requires a significant investment of time and resources to achieve technical innovation. Nonetheless, to make it economically viable, it is necessary to rely on the legal protection and exclusivity conferred by the patent.

For the result of this undertaking to be properly protected before its release, a patent request must be registered with INPI, so that the owner of the privilege may ensure exclusive right of exploitation within the national territory, during the period stipulated by Law. More >>>

Industrial Design - The registration of a design

The obtaining of protection for the design of a product needs to be quick and efficient.

Quick, since its idealization is meant to satisfy a purely short-term and, therefore, temporary appeal.

Efficient, due to the competitiveness that exists in the sector.

The registration of an Industrial Design is an extremely important tool for the preservation of the commercial rights arising out of the exploitation of the product in relation to the artistic form or ornamental pattern. More >>>

Technology transfer - Crossing frontiers

In Brazil, for technological contracting to have economic effects it must be evaluated and registered by the National Industrial Property Institute (INPI), in order to legitimate remittances of money abroad as payment for the negotiated Technology and to allow tax deduction in favor of the company receiving the Technology, as well as producing effects in relation to third parties.

>> Registration of software - Registering the intangible
>> Provision of information technology - A valuable ally in technological development
>> Patent bank - Access to other patents for consistent development
More >>>

Trademark - The sign of a good product

Trademark – every distinctive mark, that may be visually perceived, capable of identifying and distinguishing products and services from identical or similar products, not necessarily with a diverse origin, as well as certifying conformance with relevant norm and technical specifications.

Trademarks are granted by the National Industrial Property Institute in compliance with the legal rules stipulated in the Industrial Property Law (Law no. 9279, dated 14/05/1996), and the normative acts and resolutions edited by INPI. More >>>

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